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Rey Fritsch is a Canadian pop surrealist painter who gained notoriety after posting one of her paintings on her social media pages on December 29th, 2016. By the start of 2017 she began to amass a global following of dedicated fans, clients, and collectors. Encouraged by the initial response, she focused on building her following by sharing more of her work, including her oil portraits of women, large colorful works , and most notably her custom dog portraits.

Prior to establishing herself as a painter, Rey was a clothing designer focused on her signature children’s hat collections. When that business began to expand, she became the stylist, photographer, and graphic designer for all its marketing and promotional campaigns. Her reputation as a graphic designer spread and lead to her creating the illustrations and collages for a published children's book. 

"Whether it be a study in female form, her innovative take on portraiture, or her own unique approach to the often banal pet portrait, Rey executes each and every one of her paintings in her own inimitable style: with wild, vivid arcs of thick acrylic delirium that coat her canvases like a technicolor dream."

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